Written words.

Written words are often the sharpest blade as without the presence of lively tone and expression, it is up to the reader to interpret whichever closest meaning he could relate himself to.
I especially wouldn’t want a person I dearly cared about to suffer the unintended from my reckless words.

Of a recent misunderstanding. I and one of my closest friends. Cleared.


Things I’d liked to do before me 30’s.

Been a while since I last written something here. Squirrel’s been busy y’know. For nothing. Mom kept teasing about how me’s gonna get into my 30’s soon (well, not quite soon but soon)

I have tons of things to do and time just passed by. Gotta list down stuff i want to do before it hits my 30’s, and that’s like few years to go~ Jump S, Jump!

#1 Stay single. Think I’ve got some problem with you-know-what.
#2 Quit my current job. I figure some will definitely have their eyes rolled and said “I’ve been hearing that for agesss to take it seriously~” Seriously!
#3 Go on a at-least-36-months-long vacation after I’ve done ditching my first job. And who care where I go.
#4 To do some biz, small big whatever. Never to let down by the unexplainable unreasonable unf**kable. I am not yet a too-old-to-lose.
#5 To get my belly button pierced. Ok ok, another hearing-that-for-ages. Not that I don’t want to do, but can someone go with me? Like pleaseeee?
#6 Maintaining my weight, and get toned up. O, sounds a bit subjective. Maybe 1 gym day, 2 dance-any-dance day a week. Can be substitute by any new-found-workout-love. No big problemo!
#7 To get my a$$ back into the pool and start swimming. No ridiculous target, aiming at an 1km swim once/week. Only 30mins required, no-hard, no? But wait, where’s the nearest pool? I only remember one and they’re turning it into a mall??!
#8 Re-watch all my favorite kids time Cartoons. This allowed more than once or even extend to after 30’s. Hmm, not quite fit here.
#9 Get the Israel-Palestine conflict figured out. Not that they concerned me, but I have tried many times before, and I am still confused.
#10 To get on my bed no later than 11pm everyday. Need prepare my body for the older age to come.
#11 An open water diving license maybe. Looking for an perfect island..
#12 Road trip round the Peninsular of Malaysia!
#13 A trip on rail to Bangkok, shop eat like crazyy then fly back – must be too tired to take a train back I supposed.
#14 PhD or MBA or eMBA. Hmmm, lemme think.
#15 Europe tour? A lazy week on yacht in Croatia? Only if #4 works and me got the extra pennies to spend.

Need organize-extract-number-translate my mind for more.
*so many stuff so little time yet so big a mind!*

And Cupid he rules us all.

What is a youth? Impetuous fire.
What is a maid? Ice and desire.
The world wags on.

A rose will bloom, it then will fade.
So does a youth, so does the fairest maid.

Comes a time, when one sweet smile,
has its season for a while…
Then love’s in love with me.

Some they think only to marry,
others will tease and tarry.
Mine is the very best parry.
Cupid he rules us all.

Caper the cape, but sing me the song.
Death will come soon to hush us along.
Sweeter as honey and bitter as gall,
love is a task and it never will pall.

Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall,
Cupid he rules us all…

Women and the vagina.

At 7..
“Mommy, what is vagina?”
“Hush…! My girl, behave and don’t ever mention that again!”
“But.. Why, mommy?”
“You will know when you grow older, sweetie.”

At 14..
“Mom, why is that I am having this indescribable feeling when I touched that little node near where I pee?”
“Don’t you ever touch it again! Hear me?!”
“But, mom…”
“Now listen, it’s dirty down there, only bad girls touch it.”

Sounds familiar? A typical Malaysian mother’s reaction to vagina and sexual pleasure. Okay, it might not apply to ALL mothers, but definitely >90% of mothers. Me stereotyping? Mind you, me grew up the Malaysian way.

the path where every single life begins.
Also, the vagina,
men and women’s path to sexual pleasure.
Yet, the vagina,
considered vulgar and inappropriate to be discussed publicly.

Women, ever thought of your vagina’s feeling when you ignored her all these years?
And men, what’s left with vagina if you remove all sexual-related images/thoughts from her?

Don’t forget me, I beg.

I wish nothing but the best for you, too.

My scribble tee says.

It’s the day with the lovely date. I care not it’s grey, not the tears from the sky, and not the mood it is trying to create. I am wearing this to work and I care not the rest.

Dear Me,

You are the
sexiest thing
that has ever
walked this earth.

Love, Me

A quarter of century.

I too own a blog, I realized. Growing up is nothing fun.

I nearly drowned. Not literally. There weren’t much things worth recalling for the past few months. The current was strong, struggling was pointless, and attempts to go against the flow failed miserably. I did not give in. I thought I did not. Not until something hits me hard. “Didn’t I promised myself to fight to my last breath?!”

I am helpless. It’s scary to be at where I am now. Months’ enough to ‘convince’ my mind that struggles are silly things. And It’s even scary to find out I didn’t know I, myself, slowly gave in.

I have to get out of here but I do not know how.

“A quarter of century” hits me real hard.